What the Dutch Journalism Fund is here for

The Dutch Journalism Fund – officially: het Stimuleringsfonds voor de Journalistiek – encourages the quality, diversity and independence of journalism by using money, knowledge and research to promote the innovation of the infrastructure for journalism in the Netherlands.

Subsidies and programmes

One way this is done is through subsidies and specific programmes. With the SVDJ Accelerator, the Fund supports start-ups and existing companies that aim to revive journalism with an innovative project. Blendle, Local Focus and De Correspondent, among others, have been able to set up or further develop their projects with the help of the Fund. Furthermore, the programme for Investigative Journalism is intended to establish and expand investigative editorial teams in the Netherlands. It focuses to a large extent on regional and local initiatives. In its first year, 23 investigative editorial teams started, thanks to this programme.

In addition, the Dutch Journalism Fund offers a Regional Collaboration Programme for Journalism. This supports projects that improve regional news coverage through collaborative projects. In addition to publishers, broadcasters and hyperlocals, the programme also focuses on journalism schools and on start-ups from within and outside the industry.

A complete overview of all our subsidy programmes can be found here.


The Dutch Journalism Fund focuses strongly on research. For example, thorough research is being conducted into news ecosystems in the four largest cities in the Netherlands. Also, at the beginning of 2018, the news use and the news supply around the municipal elections was mapped out and in several studies, the general regional news supply has been investigated. The State of the News Media provides continuous insights into data around the outreach of Dutch media. In 2015, a large-scale scenario study was conducted into the future of journalism. Read more about the Fund’s research here.

Think tank

The SVDJ Think Tank was founded in 2018. It is a journalism advisory board with young people aged between 20 and 30 who want to contribute to the future of journalism. The think tank will explore current issues around journalism and will advise different parts of the media sector – both solicited and unsolicited.

Sharing knowledge

The svdj.nl website shares the knowledge from research and from the experiences of the projects that have previously been funded. It also publishes on developments and trends in the field of innovation and research. This knowledge is also shared during the events of the Fund, such as Media van Morgen (Tomorrow’s Media) and Regio Vecht Terug (The Region Fights Back).


The Dutch Journalism Fund receives an annual contribution (approximately five million euros) from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, out of which all activities are financed. This is increasingly done by sharing knowledge, facilitating research and stimulating collaboration, instead of just handing out subsidies.

Although traditionally connected to newspapers, the Fund has increasingly profiled itself as a helping hand around journalism as a whole in the Netherlands; independent of platform, and regardless of public or private funding. It’s thanks to this kind of adaptability that the Dutch Journalism Fund will keep its relevance for Dutch journalism in the years to come.

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