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  • 28 augustus 2016
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Name: Cathrine Gyldensted
Knowledge Institute and Department: School of Journalism,  University of Applied Sciences, Windesheim
Function: Director of Constructive Journalism. (Bridging research, practical application into curriculum and profession)
(Substantive) specialization: Originator of innovating news journalism through behavioural sciences like positive -, prospective-, and moral psychology. Belongs in the domain of constructive journalism.

1) Which journalistic and / or scientific (as it relates to journalism) insights did you get in 2015?

What emotions engage audiences more than others.
How journalism can improve it’s impact by drawing from behavioural scientific research.

 2) What new brand platform or journalist has most surprised you in 2015?

De Correspondent. By walking their talk. They live up to their vision statement and continue to move the fencepoles for what quality journalism is.
Vox: By their clever use of big data visualization on socieally significant news stories.

 3) What do you yourself examine the coming year / where you go further along in terms of research? Where does your professional organization dealing primarily with?

Together with colleagues at Windesheim and around the world, I will be creating a robust research domain for constructive journalism, thus anchoring it into journalism and academia.

4) What other developments in journalism you want to follow with great interest in 2016?

How we can improve on communicating complex stories in a systemic way, – so going from covering incidents  – to covering structures explaining the incidents – thus providing valuable information to society and citizens.

5) Which (international) researcher, organization, new business or a journalist, we should certainly keep an eye on?

 What Windesheim is able to create on the domain of constructive journalism together with strategic partners abroad and at home. As the first school of journalism in the world. It’s a bold move, and I am not just saying this, because I happen to work here for the next year. It just is.


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